Wednesday, September 17, 2014

I keep buying succulents

I'm actually a few succulent posts behind! I just keep buying them. Succulents are my favorite kind of plants-I can grow them year round indoors and there are so many kinds. Lots of them are just plain weird and I love weird plants. 
 So this guy is a weird Adromischus that I found. I think the tag says it's an Adromischus mariane. I thought it was just interesting because it's brown and white. It makes little white-yellow flowers.
 This is my first Ferocactus! Ferocactus macrodiscus. I think Ferocactus is such a cool genus because they all look like they can kick your butt. I bought this one because of the red and yellow spines.
 This is an Aeonium arboreum. Hopefully you can see the reddish tinges on the leaves. Those appeared after living under grow lights for a little while! I like Aeoniums and I'm hoping to get a Swartzkopf eventually.
 Here's another crazy Adromischus-this one is A. cristata. I obviously bought it for the cristate puffy leaves. It's very soft to the touch too. It has been flowering as well recently and makes tiny little white flowers.
Here's my second Agave. This is Agave striata. I just liked it for some reason. I'm starting to get into Agaves so expect to see more!

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Huernia zebrina flower

I've had this Huernia zebrina for quite some time now, but it had never flowered. Other stapeliads I have flower like crazy, so I was worried that maybe I was doing something wrong. But last week I was pleasantly surprised by this beautiful flower on my H. zebrina! It's obvious why it's called the Lifesaver plant-that red center looks just like a red Lifesaver candy. This flower is so strange; it feels very smooth and almost like it's fake. But it's quite real. I was so happy to see this beauty finally flower!

Saturday, September 6, 2014

Later Garden Updates

Hello everyone, sorry for the hiatus. I've been dealing with some busy grad school stuff and some personal health issues. So I'll be getting back to blogging regularly here. Here are some photos from late in August of my outdoor garden. Starting off, here's my chamomile below. It's gotten quite big. I'm very pleased that it's bloomed because last year I got nothing. 
Next up is a growing ear of Sacred Eagle corn. I took this picture because I thought the red streaks on the leaves surrounding the growing cob looked cool. This is my first year growing corn so even one ear is awesome for me. 
 These are some Nasturtium leaves. They taste kind of peppery. They're supposed to flower but mine haven't yet and I don't know if they will. But they taste good anyway. 
 These are dwarf Teddy Bear sunflowers. They're getting ready to open here. 
 This is a close-up shot of Astrantia blooms. My Astrantia has bloomed twice this year!
 Here's the same bloom a little further back so you can see the whole bloom spike. I guess Astrantia are hard to propagate from seed, so I don't know if I'll get to have this guy for more than a year, but it is very pretty.