Saturday, February 22, 2014


I bought a bunch of lithops today at my favorite local greenhouse (Holub Garden and Greenhouse). So here, have a bunch of pictures of lithops! I have no idea what species they are. 

Saturday, February 15, 2014

It's been a while since I've posted. Winter is just the worst time for plant stuff, and we have had a harsh winter so far. Temperatures have routinely been at -20 to -30 with the windchill and we have had a lot of snow as well. Supposedly it is going to warm up in the coming week, which I hope is true because we need it. This winter has gone on for what seems like forever. Regardless, I do have some new plants to show off.
 This is a Cuban Oregano that my friend Katie gave me a cutting of. These are the first leaves that have grown from the cutting. They smell great and are soft and fuzzy.
 My cactus mix that I sowed last month is doing well. These are just some of the cacti growing. Their little spines are so cute! Once they get a bit bigger and more established then I'll make sure they all have enough room and move some of them if necessary.
 Here's another cutting I got from Katie. This time it's an Opuntia of some variety and it's growing a brand new pad! Again, just so cute! Bonus Topsy-turvy Echeveria in the background.
 These are my Agave stricta seedlings. They are all green right now, but my seeds are the rubra variety so eventually they will have red in them too.
 This is a teeny tiny Conophytum seedling! They are very small and hard to see. These are mesembs like lithops so they will be interesting to watch grow up.
Lastly, here are some of my alpine strawberry sprouts with their first true leaves! I started these really early and I'm going to try and grow them inside, because the birds will probably steal the berries outside. I'm going to have to thin out the seedlings soon which I always feel a little bad about, but a lot of them germinated so I will have quite a few plants!
Next month is when I can start a lot of my seeds indoors, which I am really looking forward to!