Sunday, January 26, 2014

Seeds for the Spring

Sunday, January 19, 2014

Winter is so slow

It feels like I haven't updated in forever, mostly because there's not a whole lot going on. Winter is the most boring time for gardening. But I do have a few new seeds starting. Today I sowed conophytum and agave stricta var. rubra seeds. These are some succulents that I recently learned about when reading my Timber Press succulents guide. I made an entire list of succulents I want! I was able to find seeds of these two so I bought them. Hopefully they will germinate and I will have some cool new plants. I also started a cactus mix from Baker Creek seeds.
They've already started germinating! I was expecting it to take longer before I saw some of the first babies. I'm really looking forward to seeing what they grow up into. I also started some alpine strawberry seeds but they haven't germinated yet. According the the packet they can take up to a month to germinate so I'm not concerned yet.
Speaking of my succulent shopping list, I'll go ahead and post it here. I have leads on where to buy some of these, but other I'm lost so far. If anyone is interested in trading/selling seeds or plants or knows where I can procure some of these, I'd be happy to know!

Succulent shopping list!

  • Crassula deltoidea
  • Orostachys spinosa
  • Euphorbia bupleurifolia
  • Euphorbia pubiglans
  • Euphorbia meloformis
  • Euphorbia milli
  • Pleiospilos spp. 
  • Faucaria tigrina
  • Adenium arabicum
  • Dorstenia lavranii
  • Aloe polyphylla
  • Haworthia retusa
  • Haworthia nigra
  • Haworthia viscosa
  • Astroloba foliolosa
  • Poellnitzia rubriflora
  • Gethyllis spp. 
  • Agave shawii
  • Puya alpestris

Friday, January 3, 2014

I went for it...

...and ordered a bunch of seeds from the Baker Creek catalog. Where I will plant all of these I don't know yet, but I'll figure it out somehow! I just couldn't pass up some new seeds! I ordered an amaranth, dwarf cockscomb, poppies, cabbage, some tomatoes, ground cherries, bee balm, echinacea, and swiss chard. So there will be many more adventures in seeds for me this year! Gardening is just so therapeutic to me and new seeds get me very excited. I also made a shopping list of succulents after paging through a book I got for Christmas. Some of these might be hard to find, but now I have an idea of what to look for this year. I'm also thinking about moving around some of my cat's things so that I have a dedicated plant room that I can shut them out of. I'm just a little worried because I have some Mother of Thousands plants and all the species in the Kalanchoe genus are poisonous, and I don't want the cats to get hurt. So I'll probably do that soon and then I won't have to worry about the cats getting into the plants.