Monday, October 21, 2013

First Frost

When I stepped outside this morning, I was greeted by frost on my car's windshield. I guess that technically the first frost has occurred. Supposedly we may get some snow tonight, although I really hope the weathermen are lying about that. Since it's the first frost, all of my sensitive plants have been moved inside for the winter. Luckily I still have some cold weather herbs going as well as my carrots. The sempervivum, jovibarba, and passiflora are all cold hardy, so they should be safe to stay outside. Apparently sempervivum actually like to have a cold weather period. If it snows too much I might need to cover them with tarp or towels, but otherwise they should be okay all winter. I certainly hope that's the case because I'll be very upset if any of my plants die!
Today I received some 'Curly' Epiphyllum seeds that I've got to start soon. Epiphyllum are very pretty cacti and I really hope they germinate and grow well. I have to get some pots and more soil first, but at least I'll have one project to put some energy into while it gets cold!

Friday, October 18, 2013

Plant box!

I recently received a box of plants from a very kind member of All Things Plants in return for me paying the postage. I had asked for Mother of Thousands and received it and several extras just because!
 Here is Mother of Thousands. I have several small plants in this pot. 
This is the Mexican Hat variety of Mother of Thousands. They're little right now and so cute.  
 Callisia fragrans, also known as the Basket Plant. These guys make nice hanging baskets so they'll get moved to one eventually. 
 Golden Sedum, a succulent. 
 Baby Mexican Hat Mother of Thousands. They are so adorable!!!!
 Aloe juvenna babies. Also adorable. So many cute plants in this box!
I was so excited about this one in particular, and it was a total surprise. It's Jovibarba "Sundancer" variety. It's similar to sempervivum and is a hardy succulent, and it's gorgeous!!! I've wanted one as soon as I read about them for the first time. 
I love plant trading so much! Right now I don't have a lot to give, but there are many generous people willing to trade seeds and plants for the cost of postage or a SASE. Once I have plants to give, I'll be doing the same thing. The online gardening world is full of wonderful people who just want to spread the plants they love to whoever wants them. 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Some of my harvest

 This is my Thai basil harvest. I only had one plant make it to maturity from seed. I dried all of it and will use it in cooking. 
 The last of my catnip and some of my parsley hanging up to dry. The catnip is for my cats and my parents' cats. I'll be bringing some home to them for Christmas. Leo loves this stuff. 
This is my second carrot!! I was so excited to get another one. It is the bigger of the two so far. Hopefully I get more!

Monday, October 7, 2013

No pictures today

I'm way behind on uploading my garden pictures. Life has been really busy and I keep putting it off. I'll try to get some up soon, maybe tomorrow. This week is starting off busy. I have a two-day conference that I spent all day at today, and half the day tomorrow. It's a scientific conference on biorenewable chemicals. I had to give a short presentation and a poster today, which was the longest day. Tomorrow won't be so bad, and I'll be able to come home and take a little nap in the afternoon. It's just a very draining process to be on point and talking science for eleven hours today and six tomorrow.