Saturday, May 10, 2014

Massive succulent haul

I bought these succulents all over the course of three weeks, but I'll share them all at once! I have been wanting some of these for quite a while so I was thrilled to find them all. 
 This is a pregnant onion! I have a much smaller one but I wanted an older one. 
 Here is Stapelia sticula. If it's like every other stapeliad, then when it flowers it will smell like a butt. 
 Euphorbia anoplia. What a weird looking plant, huh? I thought it looked really cool. 
 This is a miniature variety of Crassula pyramidalis. Look how weird it is! I love weird plants. 
 This is a variegated Cereus tetragona. I bought it specifically because it is variegated. I have never seen one for sale before. 
 This is Alluaudia procera. It's another weird plant from Madagascar. I love plants from Madagascar because they are just so funky looking. 
 Haworthia retusa! I was so excited to find one. I have been looking for one for a long time. 
 Aloinopsis luckhoffii. It just looks cool. 
 Echeveria variety 'Dondo'
 And another Echeveria variety which I forgot the name of. Darn! 
 Here is a Faucaria tigrina or 'Tiger Jaws.' I had been looking for this one for a while too!
 A few days after I brought it home, the Aloinopsis flowered! I was so surprised!
Lastly, here is a Plumeria cutting that I received from a member of The Plants Exchange. I hope it will be happy here. I think Plumerias are beautiful and I hope mine will be happy. 

My first orchid

I bought my very first orchid a few weeks ago! I have always been a little wary of getting an orchid because they are supposed to be touchy and I would feel bad if I killed one. But I decided to take the plunge and brought home this lovely Phaelenopsis. So far it is looking happy and thriving so hopefully all my worries were in vain!